Sorepack is aware of its responsibility towards the environment.
Hereafter is our environment policy :

arrow Renewable & Certified Material

Our trays are entirely manufactured from renewable paper resources, all of which are FSC/PEFC certified.
All our paperboard suppliers commit to responsible forestry practices.

arrow Recyclability

Once used, carton trays and lids will be recycled in most recycling channels in Europe.
In production, all paperboard wastes are recycled.

arrow Clean Printing

We exclusively use water-based inks & varnishes, with absolutely no solvant emissions in our atmosphere.
All components of the flexo press are cleaned in a brand new closed-circuit cleaner, which ensures inks or solvants will never be ejected into the environment.

arrow Packaging Weight Reduction

We constantly optimize/reduce the weight of your packaging.
Besides, printed trays combined with printed lids allow you to get rid of all secondary packagings (folding box, hood, thermo-wrap, flow-wrap, …)